One thing about what I do is that it’s very rarely boring. I’ve shot from the sewers of Florida where I had to carry a stick to chase snakes to deep in the bowels of a closed copper mine in Arizona where the lights were turned out so we would experience what it was like to“feel” the dark.

In a previous life, I was an advertising photographer, and I absolutely guarantee there is no comparison between shooting a catalog of 50 sets of serving china and sitting in the back end of a camera car shooting a motorcycle chase with gunfire and mayhem reigning supreme.

I truly believe that it is important for me to deliver the best I can regardless of the size of a project. A micro-independent with a budget of $35.56, half a dozen day old donuts and a tray of ham sandwiches is just as important to those who breathed life into it as a mega-million studio production is to the moguls behind it.

In short, I flat out love the work I do.